you Tube(6) Favorite Artists

ビートルズ       ・Meet The Beatles        
            ・Capitol Albums Vol.2
            ・Please Please Me
            ・For Sale
            ・A Hard Days Night
            ・Magical Mystery Tour
            ・Rubber Soul
            ・Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
            ・White Album
            ・Abbey Road
           (1)beatles 1 full
           (2)Beatles - Love full
           (3)Don’t Let me Down
            (4)ヘイ ブルドッグ
(Yuki&Yoshii)   (5)Drive My Car
            (6)HELTER SKELTER
           (8)No Reply
           (9)Here, There and Everywhere
           (10)Nowhere Man
           (12)And I Love Her
           (13)ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE
           (14’) A Day in the Life
           (15’)tomorrow never knows
           (19)GOLDEN SLUMBERS
           (20)Hello Goodbye
           (22) Twist n Shout
           (23)I Feel Fine
           (25) Norwegian Wood
           (26)Baby You're a Rich Man
           (27)Paperback Writer
           (28)Eleanor Rigby
           (29)Ticket To Ride
           (30)We Can Work It Out
           (31)Any Time at All
           (32)Across the Universe
           (33)Mother Nature's Son
           (35)The Long and Winding Road

ジョン・レノン     ・Imagine [Full Album]
           (4)Working Class Hero
           (6) Happy Xmas (War is Over)
セリーヌディオン  (7)Happy Xmas (War is Over) 
          (8)Stand By Me

ピンクフロイド    (1)エコー(2001 Space Odyssey )24分
           (2)Atom Heart Mother (full )

クイーン       (1)Bohemian Rhapsody
            (2)We Are The Champions
            (3)I was born to love you
            (4)We Will Rock You

宇多田ヒカル   (1)Automatic          
           (4)First Love
井上揚水       (5')少年時代
         (6)Flavor of Life Live
           (7’)FINAL DISTANCE
           (9’) Simple And Clean          
           (10)Sakura Drops
           (11)I Love You尾崎豊
           (12)Boulevard Of Broken Dreamsカバー
Green Day     (12')Boulevard Of Broken DreamsGreen Day     
           (13) Kingdom Hearts Ending LIVE Simple and Clean
           (14)Fly Me To The Moon
           (15)Traveling(planitb remix)10分
           (15’) トラベリング(pv)
           (16)Devil Inside
           (17)Kiss & Cry
           (18)Prisoner of Love
           (18’)Be my last - OrchestraVersion
           (19)You Make Me Want To Be A Man
           (19’)You Make Me Want to Be a Man Live
           (21)誰かの願いが叶うころ ・カラオケ
           (24)Be my last           
        (26)'exodus 04
            (26)Exodus '04 Reversed
           (27)Kremlin Dusk & You Make Me Want To Be A Man            
           (27’)Kremlin Dusklive           
           (29) Passion LiveAfter the battle
           (29’)Passion ~single version~
           (30)Deep River語りあり
           (30’)Deep River 語り無し            
           (31) utada - Automatic Part Ⅱ
           (32) utada - Me Muero
           (33) Apple and Cinnamon
           (34) merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - FYI
           (35)This One(Crying Like a Child)
           (36)on and on
           (37’)Taking my money Back  
           (38’)Dirty Desire(オリジナル)
           (38)Dirty Desire (Razor N' Guido Main Mix)            
           (39)Utada - Come Back To Me
            (40)utada 1997-2008
            (41)おらTravelingさ行ぐだ IKZO 吉幾三 宇多田ヒカル             
            (43)With Or Without You U2カバー 
            (44)close to you cubic u カバー(色っぽい) 
              (45)Addicted to You かわいい 
            (46)Beautiful World            
            (48)I Won't Last A Day W/O You +椎名林檎
            (49)Cubic U/ I'll Be Stronger
            (50)Never Let Go
            (51)Movin' on Without You live
            (51’)Movin' on Without You CD
            (52)Play Ball
            (52’) Sanctuary
            (53’)Cant wait til Christmas
            (55)Goodbye Happiness  「宇多田ヒカル(宇多田光)初監督作品」
            (55’)Goodbye Happiness(Live Ver.)
           (56)HEART STATION
           (69) This Is Love (Live Ver.)
           (70)Keep Tryin'
           (71) タイム・リミット
           (72) For You
           (73)Can't Wait 'Til Christmas
           (75)Hymne a l'amour ~愛のアンセム~
           (75’) Hymne a l'amour ~愛のアンセム~前半
           (76)Show Me Love(Not A Dream)映画あしたのジョー主題歌
           (77)Time Will Tell
中島みゆき     (1)ヘッドライト・テールライトプロジェクトXテーマ曲
            (13’) 普通の・アザミ嬢のララバイ 
            (15) この空を飛べたら
加藤登紀子     (15’)この空を飛べたら
             (27) 1978年北海道ライブ①